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Houston Adult Paint Party

• Canvas Painting - $35/ per person
Wine Glasses 
- $40/ per person

Wood Pallet Board Signs  $44.50/ per person 

• Fluid Art  - $35 - 58/ per person               

Schedule your event any time and day.  

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Added Benefits
Houston Paint Party Place

• We can create a complimentary custom
  design exclusively for your party

Relax un "wine" and paint .. With old friends or new!! The owners Robert and Corina make ya feel right at home b/c you are. And at the end of the evening they'll have you believing you can really paint. At least that's how I feel.. Lol..
Larry Hegar 

I hosted a girls night out and had a great time!
Natalie Z. 

Host Paints FREE w/ Booked Party of 15 or More.
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